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The Club welcomes modellers of all abilities.  Potential members should contact the secretary                                                     

Other Layout Projects

Multi Gauge Running Track

‘N’ to G (6.5mm to 45mm Gauge)

The picture (right) illustrates

some of the scales/gauges that

can be run on the club's running

track (MGRT).


From left to right they are:-

G scale/ Gauge 1, 0 scale, both 2 rail and 3 rail, 0N3, 0-16.5/0N30, 0-14, 0N2,00, H0, TT and N - not shown 009, S4 and EM.

There are five independent multi rail circuits, so up to five trains can be run at once, with either conventional DC or DCC control systems. It is regularly erected on a schedule, but is easy to put up as required.

‘Drive -a -Train’ ’00’

This is a small fun layout for promotion of the Club at local events. The baseboards fold in half for easy transport and the layout comprises a couple of circuits of basic track, home to a mixture of  ‘Thomas’ and other donated stock, all driven by the young visitors. Buildings and scenery use the simplest of techniques to show what can easily be achieved by would-be modellers

Shunting Puzzle ’00’

A small portable ‘Inglenook Sidings’ style puzzle layout that usually accompanies the D-A-T.

 Common Fiddleyard ‘00’

This is a large 14 track fiddleyard in 16.5mm gauge track designed to be variable in length and to accommodate H0/00 layouts. This is now at the final track laying and wiring stage and will initially be used with the Twickenham Junction project.

 New ‘G’ Scale Layout

There are plans to build a new ‘G’ scale  ‘Inglenook’ type layout. More Details as soon as they are available.